Patent Prosecution With A Focus On Value

New concepts and inventions are the life-blood of our economy. For inventors, small and midsized businesses and large corporations alike, obtaining proper patent protection is critical in maintaining a competitive edge. Braxton, Hilton & Perrone is a cutting edge legal resource in dedicated to providing effective and efficient intellectual property counsel, and representation.

Synthesizing Solid Legal Judgment With Scientific Knowledge

Developing a solid patent strategy requires thorough analysis of your new concept, as well as your business goals. The full scope of protection is defined by the approved claims in the patent. Our approach to patent prosecution couples the sound legal judgment of our team of experienced lawyers with our diverse scientific knowledge to effectively and efficiently determine the claims needed to protect your business assets.

Through teamwork, we are able to fuse multiple perspectives to craft solid patent strategies that meet the business needs of our clients. We thoroughly evaluate the new concept scientifically and legally, analyze the relevant prior art and assess our clients' business goals to maximize value with well-grounded claims.

Our lawyers have the practical, scientific foundation that is necessary to fully advise and represent clients in patent law. Two of our partners served as engineers prior to entering the practice of law. That first-hand real world experience offers a clear advantage in patent prosecution and litigation.

When you work with our patent prosecution attorneys, you will work with a senior lawyer every step of the way. Our partners each have the scientific credentials, the legal experience, and the desire to provide highly efficient, responsive counsel and representation in all manner of patent prosecution settings, including:

  • Performing patentability studies and due diligence
  • Preparing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Providing strategic prosecution in parallel with pending or anticipated litigation
  • Post-grant patent practice before the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)
  • National stage patent filings
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and other international patent filings

Removing the Barrier Between Patent Prosecution and Patent Litigation

The old school of thought was that each patent attorney was either a litigator or a patent prosecutor. The two would work with the same firm, but each would have distinct and separate practices. At Braxton, Hilton & Perrone, we believe that an attorney needs to be fluent in both worlds to provide truly comprehensive counsel. Accordingly, our lawyers have deep knowledge of the issues that arise in patent litigation as well as patent prosecution. As an example, every attorney at Braxton, Hilton & Perrone has personally handled all aspects of Markman hearings, providing effective advocacy in patent litigation claims for construction disputes. The direct insight we have gained in resolving these disputes on the back end of litigation is invaluable at the front end of patent prosecution. We draw on the expansive knowledge we have earned during litigation to anticipate the issues that can delay the patent prosecution process or lead to opposition of an application. We strive to proactively avoid the pitfalls to help ensure the process runs smoothly for our clients.

Let Us Guide Your Through The Complex Patent Prosecution Process

The patent prosecution process is complex. Our lawyers provide personalized counsel and representation to help clients navigate the complexities of the patent system and develop a strong patent position. To learn how our focus on intellectual property can help you to leverage your IP assets in the chemical, electrical, computer science, mechanical and industrial related arts, call 469-814-8296 or send us a message online now. We offer a free initial consultation.