Opinions And Counseling To Protect Your Intellectual Property

New concepts, inventions, trademarks and trade secrets are vital business assets. The value of your intellectual property, however, can be diminished or eliminated without a strategic plan in place. Securing patent protection, registering a trademark, acquiring intellectual property, and licensing are important considerations at any stage of business.

For example, bringing a new product to market can be costly. Does the concept potentially infringe an existing patent? Does your planned branding strategy harbor the risk of potential trademark or trade dress litigation? The intellectual property attorneys at Braxton, Hilton & Perrone have substantial experience in helping clients develop and manage their IP interests.

Effective IP Counsel, Focused On Your Individual Business Goals

With more than 35 years of combined experience, we do more than prosecute trademark and patent rights. Our partner-level lawyers work directly with individuals, inventors and businesses to help clients develop individualized strategies to manage their IP rights — including providing our clients with sound legal guidance in how best to acquire, grow, exploit and enforce their intellectual property rights.

In a fast-paced marketplace, our approach to efficiency and effective representation is a valuable resource. Because you will work exclusively with senior attorneys, you gain the advantage of seasoned legal judgment at every stage of the relationship.

Work With An Experienced Lawyer To Maximize Your IP Assets

We work directly with clients to identify opportunities for building strong IP protection, product development options and risk management strategies. We strive to efficiently identify potential risks of infringement. Our goal is to provide effective counseling to help our clients align their IP interests with their overall business objectives in all manner of IP opinions and counseling matters, including:

  • Investigating and preparing written opinions concerning patent enforceability, infringement and validity
  • Addressing the nuances and distinctions between invalidity opinions and non-infringement under the current state of the law
  • Rendering opinions on trademark infringement and registrability
  • Conducting freedom-to-operate studies for new ideas
  • Advising clients about potential design around strategies
  • Conducting due diligence in acquiring, licensing, asserting or transferring intellectual property rights
  • Counseling businesses in effective ways to protect their trade secrets

To learn more about how our lawyers can champion your IP rights, call 469-814-8296 or send us a message online. Braxton, Hilton & Perrone is conveniently located in Plano, in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the North Texas tech corridor. We offer free initial consultations to allow you to feel comfortable in choosing your IP lawyer.