Decisive And Prompt Action To Protect Trade Secrets

Protecting proprietary information and trade secrets is critical to your company's success. The misappropriation of trade secrets is a direct threat to your competitive advantage and can have a significant adverse impact on your bottom line. Maintaining control over proprietary information can be a daunting task. Client lists, business processes, secret formulas, methods, and a range of business secrets are often stored electronically. Key staff members and managers with access to internal information are highly mobile in today's marketplace.

Effectiveness. Experience. Efficiency.

The trade secrets attorneys at Braxton, Hilton & Perrone bring more than 35 years of experience to assist you in protecting your trade secrets, and to assist you in prosecuting and defending against allegations of unauthorized use of trade secrets. If you have suffered financial harm due to misappropriation of your vital proprietary information, our legal team has the resources and experience to secure your rights. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate and prepare each case to build a position of strength starting on day one. We leverage our position of strength to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in negotiations, mediation, arbitration or trial.

Our lawyers vigorously advocate for clients to produce results. We provide clients with straightforward guidance to allow them to make practical business decisions in pursuing the most cost-effective strategies. We explore every option, which may include:

  • Seeking injunctive relief, whether there is threatened misappropriation or the actual misuse of trade secrets
  • Litigating ancillary claims involving the breaches of employment, non-compete, confidentiality, and nondisclosure agreements
  • Seeking compensatory and punitive damages

Rely On Our Experienced And Aggressive Litigation Advocacy

Unfair competition and trade secret litigation are complex matters. You need a lawyer with the legal skills and intellectual property acumen to build a compelling case to achieve the results that you need. We are seasoned lawyers with more than 35 years of combined experience effectively handling high-stakes litigation. To arrange a free consultation with an attorney who will fight for your rights, call 469-814-8296 or send us a message online.