Resolving Patent Infringement Disputes

Individuals, partnerships, inventors and businesses of all sizes rely on patent protection to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The demand for innovative products often creates an incentive for competitors to find ways to tap into the market of a product. If your patent is being infringed or if you are accused of infringement, you can rely on our experience, responsiveness and dedication to bring value-driven results.

Experience And Efficiency Set Us Apart

Braxton, Hilton & Perrone, located in the Eastern District of Texas, in Plano, Texas, is a new breed of intellectual property law firm, founded on the principle that positive results need not be disassociated from value. Our lawyers draw from their larger firm experience and have come to realize that large firm overhead does not translate into client value.

Our approach in resolving patent law disputes combines seasoned legal judgment, the scientific knowledge of our experienced lawyers and leveraging cutting-edge information technology resources to efficiently prepare a strong legal position aimed at achieving results. As a small firm of senior lawyers with larger firm experience, we are able to provide the high-quality representation you deserve, without the overhead.

Focused Lawyers To Safeguard Your IP Rights

Our attorneys focus exclusively on intellectual property. As patent attorneys, we are well-versed in all aspects of the substantive and procedural rules involved in patent litigation, whether you are a patent owner enforcing your patent or a business defending a charge of patent infringement. Our lawyers are well-versed in the nuances of analyzing the scientific and legal aspects of patent disputes from both sides of a case.

We explore every avenue to efficiently and effectively obtain results with aggressive advocacy in and out of the courtroom to resolve complex patent infringement issues in a broad spectrum of settings, ranging from responding to cease-and-desist letters, to representing clients before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to address importation of alleged infringing goods, to patent litigation in federal district court.

Arrange Your Free Initial Consultation

We represent individual and corporate patent owners and those accused of patent infringement in patent litigation matters. To learn more about how we can put our experience and service to work for you, , send us an email or call 469-814-8296. We offer free initial consultations to allow you to feel at ease in choosing your lawyer.